Steaks and Roasts

All grilling steaks and roasts are cut fresh to order according to customers specifications.

Whole loins can be purchased and cut for a wholesale price. Regular steak price is on the left, whole loin price is on the right.

*Prices subject to change with market.



  • Fillets $19.99/$13.99
  • N.Y. Strip $8.99/$7.99
  • Rib Eye $10.99/$9.99
  • Sirloin $5.99/$4.99
  • T-Bones $8.99/$7.99
  • Porter House $9.99
  • Chuck $3.99
  • Eye-of-Round $3.99
  • Rump $3.99
  • Sirloin Tip $3.99

Smoked Meats

All of our smoked products are made at the shop.

Here are some of our delicious smoked products:
Smoked bacon-(Hillbilly and Canadian), Hams, Pork Chops, Kolbasi, Brats and various kinds of hotdogs such as: Jalapeno, cheese*, hot pepper cheese*, all beef, regular, and fire dogs*. * Large size dogs only

Whole or 1/2 Hogs

The approximate weight for a is 180 LBS for the whole hog and 90 LBS for a half of hog.

We will cut, double wrap and freeze your hog to order.  Cheplics will also cure and smoke the hams and bacon and make the sausage loose or links at NO additional charge.

The cost is $2.59 per LB.

Roasting Hog

Having a party?
Inquire about one of our Roasting HOGS

Great for Graduation Parties, Weddings, Family Reunions and more…
We have all sizes of hogs from 30 LBS to 120LBS to fit your party needs.
Want to add a side of extra meat… We can stuff your roasting hog with Cheplics homemade Kolbasi and we can cook your hog for $75 regardless of the size.

111-120 LBS  $2.49 LB

101-110 LBS  $2.59 LB

91-100 LBS    $2.69 LB

81-90 LBS    $2.79 LB

71-80 LBS    $2.89 LB

61-70 LBS    $2.99 LB

51-60 LBS    $3.09 LB

41-50 LBS    $3.19 LB

31-40 LBS   $3.79 LB

20- 30 LBS   $4.19 LB

For more information about roasting hogs, roast beef or pork please call Gary

at (724) 348-7094.

Broasted Chicken

Stop by to try our famous broasted chicken. It is truly a crowd pleaser!

Broasted Chicken is cooked on Friday and Saturdays only!

10 Thighs, 10 Drumsticks and 10 Pcs Potatoes  $16.99

10 Drumsticks, 10 Thighs, 5 Breasts and 5 Wings   $24.99

1 Breast,1 Thigh,1 Drumstick,1 Wing and 4 Pcs Potatoes $4.99

Additional Pieces:

Breast $1.49  

Drumstick and Thighs  .90

Wings   .90

Potatoes  $1.49

Freezer Beef-Black Angus

The hind quarter is just the rear hind of the carcass.
The average weight of the hind quarter is 160-180 LBS (Sometimes smaller than 160 LBS and sometimes larger than 180 LBS)
We will cut, double wrap and freeze your beef to order, the price is $3.39 per LB.

Half Sides of BEEF
This is the whole half of the carcass. The average weight of a half of beef is 350-385 LBS. (Sometimes smaller than 350 LBS and sometimes larger than 385 LBS)
We will cut, double wrap and freeze to order, the price is $3.19 per LB


We have a full line of top brand luncheon meats and cheeses, including our own homemade ham, bologna (regular and garlic) and our own cooked salami.

Cooked Items

Roast Beef
Cheplics makes our own tender and juicy roast beef seasoned with our own seasonings and spices that has been enjoyed for decades.
Please call for availability and pricing.

Our customers have been enjoying our sliced or shredded Pork seasoned with our own spices for many many years.  Please call for availibility and pricing.